Finding its way onto Andrew Rayel’s Find Your Harmony imprint, ‘Run Wild’ is a record that instantly strikes a chord in listeners. Courtesy of Ruben de Ronde and fellow-Dutch singer-songwriter Michael Jo, effortless hits the musical sweet spot with killer vocals, a gentle soundscape and lyrics that chronicle everyone’s quest for unbridled love.


There’s a place down south
An enchanted ground
I like to run around
It’s enclosed by walls
And I’ve climbed them all
To find your whereabouts

Baby your silk skin
Got me shivering
Forever up and down
All I want to do
Is be close to you
So I can stay around 

And she said,

You make my heart run wild
Shoot me up from the ground
These falling stars
Will guide us home
We’re in this atmosphere alone
You make my heart run wild

Run wild with you
Run wild with you
Run wild