Ruben de Ronde & Fisherman pres. Y2K

Poppodium Grenswerk Venlo / October 7th 2023 / 21:00 – 05:00 CET

Get ready to party, peeps! From ‘Superstring’ to ‘Beauty Of Silence’ and from ‘Castles In The Sky’ to ‘For An Angel’, those epic track titles make us crave a time warp back to the explosive 2000s. Trance music ruled the airwaves, uniting millions across the globe in a frenzy of beats and euphoria. On October 7th, prepare to lose yourself as Ruben de Ronde and Fisherman become your ultimate time travelers, launching their mind-blowing new project, Y2K, at Grenswerk.

Brace yourselves, ’cause this ain’t your average show—it’s an electrifying 8-hour spectacle, going non-stop from open to close, with turntables as the sole masters of sound. Are you ready to witness the magic? Oh yeah, fam, the needle’s gonna drop, the records will spin… it’s vinyl time, and we’re gonna party like it’s the Y2K rave revolution! 
Let the beats take control! Let’s rave like it’s Y2K!

And for the real vinyl lovers: Don’t sleep on this! Snag one of only 20 Masterclass tickets for a mind-blowing session with Ruben de Ronde and Fisherman. They’ll teach you the sacred ways of spinning those magical black wax discs. It’s the ultimate flex to brag about to your crew when the night comes alive! Level up your vinyl game and secure your spot now!
Tickets now on sale!

NOTE: This is a limited capacity event. 450 tickets only!