‘Sometimes It’s Ok, To Lose Yourself’..

Letting that sink in for a little!

The very first collaboration between South African singer/songwriter Tanya Schalkwijk aka ‘That Girl’ and Dutch DJ/Producer Ruben de Ronde started out on Ruben’s Twitch channel.
He produced the base of the track on Live Stream, with the ever critical feedback of his followers on the video stream platform, creating the vibes of his regular DJ streams throughout these times.
Around this time, Ruben and Tanya were introduced to each-other during a Q&A Interview, and got along great from the get go. ‘Lose Yourself’ was written not long after this and it quickly became an anthem for the ‘Statemates’ (as the viewers of Ruben’s community are called).

Now.. Let’s talk about the visual part of this release.
In collaboration with ‘Team Liquid’ the artwork was created by Alice X. Zhang. Her artistic talents have been featured by the BBC and are also used on the cover on PlayStation video games like ‘The Last of Us’.
She has captured Tanya & Ruben in a beautiful portrait to add on to this special release.

The Instrumental version of ‘Lose Yourself’ has a nice story to go along as well.
Ruben has been working closely with ‘Team Liquid’, one of the biggest and successful esports Teams in the world. Earlier this year, to kick off their new ‘Liquid+’ platform, they launched their mascot ‘Blue’ into outer space with a special balloon. ‘Team Liquid’ approached Ruben to create the soundtrack of this special occasion.

In this epic livestream, ‘Lose Yourself’ was one of the anthems that got the stream going, and is now the theme of the official start of Ruben as an ambassador of the ‘Team Liquid’ franchise!

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Artwork by https://www.alicexz.com

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