Ruben closes of his year with this big follow up to ‘Bloodstream’ with Ferry Corsten and ‘Lose Yourself’ with That Girl.
‘Lean On Me’, has been an anthem in his recent sets at the AFAS Arena in Amsterdam, and his shows in the USA, Russia, Croatia and Poland, and will leave the catchy vocal as an ear-worm in your head.

The idea behind the vocal-work is the ‘Statemate’ community, which is the discord and stream community behind Ruben’s Twitch streams.
They pulled each-other through the dark times we went through in the world the last few months. People are always there to offer a shoulder to lean on.

The release is also the celebration of Ruben’s nomination for ‘Best Non Gaming Streamer’ in the Dutch Streaming Awards, an achievement we are all very proud of!

Artwork design and drawing is by Nicole aka @artbynips on Instagram, set up by the fantastic Team Liquid.

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