Pre-order ‘Different’


It is ok to be ‘Different’!
My new album with 14 tracks is now available for pre-order on iTunes and CD plus pre-save on Spotify (link in bio).

Two years in the making, in collaboration with some of my favorite artists and friends, plus most of all the ‘Statemates’.
With whom I mean the community that is built around my Twitch channel.
They brought in feedback, support, ideas and more in this whole process.

Do you want to win a full set of Statement! Merchandise (T-shirt + Cap) and CD’s?

What do you need to do to win:
Pre-save on Spotify, screenshot and tag me in the story, and you join the competition for the @StatementMusic_ merchandise (winners announced 28th of June)

The release date is the 28th of June!


01. The Hardest Part (With Haliene)
02. Gold (With Roxanne Emery)
03. Lucky Penny (With Elevven)
04. Trinity (With FUTURECODE)
05. Escape (With Jessika Dawn)
06. Baguette (With Matt Fax)
07. Shadow of Us (With Elevven & Lara)
08. Guardian Down (With Henrik Zuberstein)
09. Who Am I (With Cari)
10. Horosho (With Estiva)
11. Games (With Louise Rademakers)
12. Here With Me (With Kimberly Hale)
13. Neverlost (With Evgeny Lebedev)
14. Donnie (With Estiva)